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Travel is a passion that has only just surfaced. It is my goal to capture the world, and all its sights and people, in a completely new and unique light.

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About Me

It takes a unique set of qualities and skills for someone to work the harsh continent of Antarctica. I try to capture these traits and more in my first portrait photography series


Time lapses

fine art

A semi-professional photographer since 2014, my passion for photography came after the passing of my grandfather, who was also an ardent photographer.

J. David Allinger 1929-2014

I have been experimenting with Time Lapes since my first deployment to Antarctica. There are some tales that can only be told through movement, such as the Aurora Australis.

latest work

For the last 4 years, I've had the pleasure of working at Mcmurdo Station, and WAIS Divide Antarctica. As a Heavy Equipment Mechanic, I have a unique insight into the support of Science.